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Reliquary at Academy Art Museum

Robert Schultz’s “Reliquary” is an archival print made of an assemblage of items that includes a chlorophyll print, plant specimens, and a locust. This work was selected for exhibition in the “New Photography II” show at the Academy Art Museum, Easton, MD juried by Philip Brookman, Consulting Curator at the National Gallery of Art. The…

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Exhibition: Artist’s Proof Editions in the UVA Rotunda

UVA’s Rare Book School has told the story of Katherine McNamara’s groundbreaking work in an innovative exhibition mounted in the historic dome room of Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda. Filling glass-front cabinets, the exhibition tells McNamara’s story “through the eyes and voice of the editor herself—with her recollections and personal documents telling the story she lived. McNamara…

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Roanoke College Biennial Exhibitions, 2015 & 2017, features chlorophyll prints of Emily Dickinson, Rachel Carson by Robert Schultz

In 2015 curator Margot Norton selected “Emily Pentacostal” for the biennial, and in 2017 co-curators Beth Rudin DeWoody and Joanna Leonhardt Cassulo chose a portrait of environmentalist Rachel Carson made in a tulip leaf. Because tulip leaves become semi-translucent in the chlorophyll print process, the Rachel Carson leaf and others have been mounted in float…

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“Iconic Memory” at Chroma Projects

Deborah McLeod of Chroma Projects in Charlottesville, Virginia curated a group exhibition of works by John Grant, Anne Savedge, Binh Danh and Robert Schultz. Works by Danh and Schultz reprised their eight-year collaboration and showed new artist’s books, leafprints, and sculptural pieces incorporating chlorophyll prints. The show ran June 3-25, 2016. Since then Chroma Projects has moved to a new space on historic downtown Charlottesville, Virginia’s pedestrian mall.

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Ancestral Altars and chlorophyll prints at Barrister Books

An exhibition organized by Artist’s Book Editions at Barristers Books, Staunton, Virginia included cast chlorophyll prints, artist’s books, and limited edition books by Robert Schultz. The small exhibition, June 19 – August 1, 2015, was occasioned by APE’s publication of Ancestral Altars by Robert Schultz and I Went Into the Large Space by Lyndia Terre.…

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