The photographic artwork of Robert Schultz was featured in FRAMES Magazine (Vol. 4, July 2021) in a 16-page spread that included seven works accompanied by Schultz’s remarks. The photographs included leafprints of Walt Whitman and Civil War combatants, drawing images from the Liljenquist Family Collection in the US Library of Congress. The seven works were selected from three of Schultz’s series—“Memorial Leaves,” “Being Seen,” and “How the Dead Speak.”

FRAMES is a fine art photography journal printed on art-quality paper in the United Kingdom and edited by founder Tomasz Trzebiatowski. Launched in 2020, FRAMES recently issued its seventh volume (Spring 2020). The journal is printed at a generous 11 x 8-inch format and typically features five photographers, plus two interviews and a “Beyond” feature that spotlights a photographer doing more experimental work in the medium.