A collection of poems by Robert Schultz with art by Binh Danh and “moving poems” created by the Artist’s Proof Editions team has been published as an iBook and is being distributed via iTunes beginning March 1, 2015.

Ancestral Altars includes texts, artworks, audio, and video productions of two poems, “Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Night” and “Ancestral Altar, No. 7.” The book contains two sections: poems and art in “Drifting Souls” treat the Vietnam-American War, and the works in “Year Zero” respond to the Khmer Rouge reign of terror in Cambodia.

The unique electronic presentation of this work allows readers to listen to the author read the poems while sumultaneously examining in detail the artworks that inspired them.

Along with the art exhibition “War Memoranda,” Ancestral Altars is the result of the eight-year collaboration between Robert Schultz and Binh Danh, enhanced by their recent collaboration with Katherine McNamara, Editor and Publisher of Artist’s Proof Editions, an imprint of Archipelago Press.