Robert Schultz chaired a panel at the American Literature Association’s annual convention in Boston, Spring 2015, that examined American writers’ responses to war.

He was invited to do so by Ethan Knight, the panel organizer, because one of the papers treated War Memoranda, the word & image collaboration between Schultz and artist Binh Danh.

Dr. Magdelyn Helwig, Writing Director and Assistant Professor of English and Journalism at Western Illinois University, delivered the paper “Uttering Tongues,” accompanied by slides showing the exhibition’s installation at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke, Virginia.

War Memoranda will travel to Rochester, New York for a Fall 2016 run at the Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester.

The deep friendship and shared artistic vision of Binh Danh and Robert Schultz is reminiscent of the one between the most prolific and most accomplished verbal-visual collaborators of the twentieth-century, Ted Hughes and Leonard Baskin, whose Crow and Cave Birds, also seek to illuminate ways of knowing and making meaning.

— Magdelyn Helwig, “Uttering Tongues,” American Literature Association.