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We Were Pirates (Companion DVD)

  • 2009

The companion DVD to We Were Pirates: A Torpedoman’s Pacific War includes over 60 minutes of video interviews with Robert Hunt, Torpedoman on the USS Tambor for 12 consecutive war patrols.

In these interviews Robert Hunt provides eyewitness accounts of sighting and tracking four Japanese cruisers during the Battle of Midway; weathering a near-fatal, 17-hour depth-charging at the bottom of the East China Sea; seeing Japanese bombs fall on Wake Island in the first hours of the war and entering Pearl Harbor through the wreckage of the Japanese sneak attack, with the USS Arizona still smoking; and a variety of other topics.

The DVD includes music, still photographs, and video interviews with Robert Hunt.

Interview segments include:

  • Introduction
  • 12 Patrols (4:00)
  • Bunk as Home (1:38)
  • Sounds (1:57)
  • Wake to Pearl (7:47)
  • Midway (9:49)
  • War Diary (6:16)
  • Depth Charging (7:19)
  • Buddha (4:47)
  • Tell It Like It Was (2:13)
  • VJ Day (7:53)

Total running time: 53:39

Cost: $23 (includes shipping & handling)

[O]ne of the few completely candid accounts of the submarine war in the Pacific Theater . . . distinctive for its enlisted man's, rather than officer's, perspective. It should be in all World War II collections.

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